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Education & Experience

Research Interest

Licence or Certificate

Y. C. Chung


& Chairman

Environmental Biotechnology Ph.D., in NCTU, Taiwan

Environmental Biotechnology, Microorganism, Chitosan Research

1. License of Food Technician

2. Consultant of Biotechnology Company

B. Q. Huang


1. Ph.D., Department of Zoology, Aberdeen University, U.K.

2. Institute of Environmental  Biology, NTOU, Professor

Physiology, Marine Biological Research, Toxicology

Specialist of Marine Biological Research and Utilization

L. Y. Hsu


1. College of Pharmacy, Univ of Michigan (UM), Ann Arbor, MI, USA, Ph.D

2. Lab de Molecular Pharmacology, Institut Gustave-Roussy, UMR8532 CNRS, France, Visiting scholar

3.Department of Biopharmaceutical Science, University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), Visiting scholar

4. School of Pharmacy, National Defense Medical Center (NDMC), Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, Professor

Development of functional cosmetics and food. Design and synthesis of novel potential anti-infective agents.

1 Certificate of National Pharmacist Qualified Examination

2. License of Pharmacist

Y. L. Lee

Association Professor

Ph.D., Department of Chemistry, Arizona State University

Biomedical Materials, Cosmetic Biotechnology

Consultant of Biotechnology Company

B. Y. Hu

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Department of Plant Pathology & Microbiology,  in NTU

Fermentation, Mycology, Biological Pesticide

1. Researcher of Biotechnology Company

2. Consultant of Biotechnology Company

J. J. Kao

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Department of Biological Science and Technology, in NCTU

Herb Biotechnology, Health Food, Molecular Biology, Gene Technology

Researcher of Biotechnology Company 

S. R. Hwang

Assistant Professor

Master, Department of Mathematics in Tamkang University Biostatistics, Calculus, Application software in biotechnology Principle Investigator of  Cooperative Plans

W. C. Jao

Senior Lecturer

Ph.D. student, Department of Polymer Engineering in NTUST

Biological Material, Functional Polymer, Biological Chemistry

Principle Investigator of  Cooperative Plans

C. Y. Cheng

Senior Lecturer

Master, Department of Microbiology in Soochow University

Gene Cloning, Genetic Recombination, Food Micbiology

Researcher of Hospital